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We launch exceptional companies and build them to last forever.

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Kicker Labs creates, sources, brands and sells exceptional B2B and B2C products and services in Canada.

True vertical integration gives Kicker the ability to control every element of the business, reduce costs and ensure prompt delivery. It gives free rein to creativity, speed and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


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Who we are

We didn’t learn business from a textbook. We learned it from sleeping under the shipping table, having invoices go unpaid and struggling to make payroll. We learned it from making great hires and terrible ones.

We struck transformative deals for our companies and signed others that we would never do again. There’s no substitute for experience, and no faster way to gain it than by building something from nothing.

We simply build and manage firms that we would want to buy for ourselves.  We're family owned.  We trust our gut.  That company is Kicker. 

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